Different esx jobs can capture areas and collect area money from pickup points.

  • 2 unique modes:

    • Gunmode - collect points from peds. Capture other teams area.

    • Areamode - each gang member provides points staying in the area. Gang with most points will rule the area.

  • All gang members can participate on claiming areas.

  • Gangs can own multiple areas.

  • Areas can be permanently owned.

  • Areas can be freed by police - they need to patrol in area.

  • You can setup how much money area gives

  • Easy to add extra money for areas (drug selling or any other activity).

  • Easy to add messages for area owners (drug selling or any other activity).

  • Database integration (area owners and moneys are saved on each update).

  • Optimized - CPU usage stays 0.01 unless you are claiming gunmode area or collecting money from area.

Highly customizable:

  • You can add as many areas you like.

  • Each area can be configured separately in multiple ways:

  • Name, Money, Claiming time, Black money or cash, How many points you need, Size, Position, Pickup place, etc.

  • Also many more settings for all areas.

  • Choose if police can free areas.

  • You can setup areas that cannot be captured.

  • Not obfuscated so you can easily add your own features or edit current ones.

  • Easy to translate for other languages. All texts are in Config file - default: English.

  • Look configuration file below for all the customizations possibilities.


  • ESX (version 2 is not supported because its not ready).

  • MySQL (this should be already there if you use ESX without sqlite).

  • Server build must be (FX version cerulean (2020-05)) or newer.

  • Tested with multiple different esx 1 versions

Limitations for Gunmode:

  • One job can only try claim one area at same time - can’t divide your gang members to different areas to claim them at the same time.

  • Each area can be only claimed by one job time at the time - no multiple gangs trying to capture same area at the same time).

Original idea by Elvine^

Youtube link: esx_p_gang_areas - YouTube
Tebex link:


Config = {}

Config.Positions = {

{id=1, name=“Mirror Park”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=100, timetorob = 1000, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=50, capturetime=0, size=350.0, gunmode=true, middlepos=vector3(1088.862,-532.022,61.902), pickuppos=vector3(1113.328,-645.204,57.675)},

{id=2, name=“Paleto Bay”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=50, timetorob = 600, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=50, capturetime=0, size=800.0, gunmode=true, middlepos=vector3(-71.039,6338.685,31.49), pickuppos=vector3(-332.587,6302.141,33.089)},

{id=3, name=“Grapeseed”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=200, timetorob = 1000, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=50, capturetime=0, size=600.0, gunmode=true, middlepos=vector3(2035.736, 4928.166, 40.646), pickuppos=vector3(1646.491,4843.915,42.014)},

{id=4, name=“Sandy Shores”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=100, timetorob = 1000, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=30, capturetime=0, size=400.0, gunmode=true, middlepos=vector3(1707.025,3650.845,35.033), pickuppos=vector3(1536.935,3797.363,34.451)},

{id=5, name=“Grove Street”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=100, timetorob = 1000, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=30, capturetime=0, size=400.0, gunmode=true, middlepos=vector3(45.82,-1676.442,29.296), pickuppos=vector3(6.126,-1816.786,25.353)},

{id=6, name=“Vagos”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=50, timetorob = 800, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=50, capturetime=0, size=250.0, gunmode=true, middlepos=vector3(948.112,-1889.67,31.216), pickuppos=vector3(895.811,-1996.621,30.631)},

{id=7, name=“Airport”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=200, timetorob = 600, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=50, capturetime=0, size=250.0, gunmode=true, middlepos=vector3(-949.106,-2585.029,14.469), pickuppos=vector3(-707.417,-2448.122,13.944)},

{id=8, name=“Beach”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=100, timetorob = 1200, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=50, capturetime=0, size=200.0, gunmode=true, middlepos=vector3(-1230.607,-1492.893,4.35), pickuppos=vector3(-1131.163,-1551.775,4.354)},

{id=9, name=“Del Perro Pier”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=200, timetorob = 600, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=50, capturetime=0, size=250.0, gunmode=true, middlepos=vector3(-1669.897,-1074.082,13.153), pickuppos=vector3(-1667.507,-1074.002,13.154)},

{id=10, name=“City”, money=0, blip=0, owner="", moneypertick=1000, timetorob = 300, canbecaptured=true, giveblackmoney=false, points=50, capturetime=0, size=1100.0, gunmode=false, middlepos=vector3(-561.923,-131.067,38.432), pickuppos=vector3(-561.923,-131.067,38.432)},


Config.PoliceNumberRequired = 2 --How many cops needed to do anything at all

Config.FirstTickAfterBootMinutes = 10 --How many minutes to wait after boot to start giving out money

Config.HowManyMinutesTickTakes = 10 --How often you get more money and update new owner for non gunmode areas

Config.MaxAreaAmountMoney = 100000 --How much money one area can hold

Config.IfMaxMoneyGoToZero = true --Reset area money to 0 if it has max money

Config.MinutesForCopCountUpdate = 10 --How ofter server side checks how many cops are connected - Don’t go below 5

Config.CanPoliceDoStuff = true --Can police free areas

Config.CanPoliceCaptureIdleAreas = false --can police free nongunmode areas

Config.PoliceAreaCaptureAdjust = 1000 --Patrolling area points calculation. Higher value = slower points, lower value = faster points. 1000 default.

Config.MaximiumRangeToGetPeds = 40 --Distance how long you can you get points from peds

Config.AfterCaptureProtectionMinutes = 60 --if area is captured how long area is protected from new claim Note:only works if Gunmode=true

Config.DrawBlipsForNonCapturableAreaForOtherGangsThanOwner = false --true=non capturable area blips are only shown for area owners. false=everyone.

Config.NPCHandsUpTime = 5000 --ms (1000=1s). How long npcs holds hand up before you can get more points

Config.ExtraPointsForOwnerAfterRestart = 60 --After server or script restart how many extra points area job gets. 60 = 60minutes of one crew being in area

Config.AddExtraPedsForClaimers = true --Script tries to forcespawn more peds for claimers when caputuring area NOTE: only for gunmode

Config.EnableWayPointCommand = true --/gangarea - waypoint to closest gunmode pickup or closest non gunmode pickup if you gang owns the area.

Config.WaypointCommandName = “gangarea” --select command name for closest pickuposition waypoint location

Config.EnableTestCommands = false --Test commands test1, test2, test3, test4 - to try out adding money or messages to area owners - KEEP THIS FALSE ON LIVE ENVIRONMENT

Config.AllowedCrews = {





– Choose ESX job names to above table if you want that job is able to capture and own areas NOTE: use config for police, don’t add here.


Positions table options:

id must match to database ids, must go from 1->

money – irrelevant just a placeholder

blip – irrelevant just a placeholder

owner – irrelevant just a placeholder

moneypertick - how much money is added to area money per tick

timetorob - how many seconds crews have time to take area NOTE: only works when gunmode=true

canbecaptured - if area can be captured NOTE: only works when gunmode=false - Remember to change owner in database.

giveoutblackmoney - false = cash, true = blackmoney

points - Gunmode=true only - how many points team needs before they get the area

capturetime – irrelevant just a placeholder

size - How big area is

gunmode - =false gangmembers or polices must be in area to capture it(RP FRIENDLY), =true gangmembers must point npcs with weapons.

middlepos - area middleposition

pickuppos - where you pickup money or start capturing area

points = Gunmode=true only - How many points crews need to get area for themself


Config.TextCollectMoney = “Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to collect area money”

Config.TextPoliceFreeArea = “Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to free the area”

Config.TextCaptureArea = “Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to capture the area”

Config.TextYouHave = “You have”

Config.TextSecordsToPatrol = “seconds left to patrol in area”

Config.TextWrongZone = “You are at the wrong zone”

Config.TextSecordsToTakeover = “seconds left to capture the area”

Config.TextSomeOneIsTryingToCaptureArea = “Something is happening at your area:”

Config.TextYouCapturedArea = “You captured area:”

Config.TextYouLostArea = “You lost area:”

Config.TextYouCollected = “You collected money:”

Config.TextNoMoney = “Area has no money yet:”

Config.YourCrewIsAlreadyRobbing = “Your crew is already capturing area”

Config.TextAreaHasProtectionTime = “Area cannot be captured yet”

Config.TextAlreadyBeingRobbed = “Someone is capturing this area”

Config.TextNotEnoughCops = “Not enough cops”

Config.TextAreaIsFree = “Area is already free”

Config.TextArea = “Area”

Config.TextYouFreedArea = “You set the area free!”

From the video:

  • 0.12ms when at the start (Due to distance check i assume?)
  • 0.05 ms when text is drawn on screen. (idk why you do this tbh. Can just trigger notifications at x points based off the time left. Would make it use less MS + more clean.)
  • 0.01 when idle.
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can I substitute a check to see if he owns a business instead of working?

Firstly there is dumped versions running around internet from old buggy version.
Secondly those versions server side contains logger and most are not properly working.
Thirdly this has been written from the start to remove all bugs and include more features.

Does this work for extendedmode (EXM)? I know it said ESX but some scripts work with ESX, I would just like to know.

This script uses esx money system, esx job system and esx notifications. I have no clue how those work in EXM.

if it were 10 eurs id 100% buy it but not for 25.