[ESX] only_creditsystem [Paid Resource]

Hello Community!
Today I would like to publish another script. With this system players get to borrow money and have to pay back after a definable time.


  • Responsive NUI
  • customizable config
  • Rates are automatically deducted
  • Resource Support

The script costs 7€ (plus taxes).

Get it on Tebex: https://onlyscripts.tebex.io/package/4217224
If you find bugs, please contact me <3


  • All bugs that occur at the moment will be fixed with an update in the following time. But they do not affect the functionality.
  • The main code which contain server.lua and client.lua are encrypted, that makes it harder to copy the script and/or leak it

Please understand that

  • Preview

SHOWCASE | only_creditsystem - YouTube


Interesting script haha

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Hello, why didn’t you indicate that the script is encrypted? I ask you to cancel the transaction and return my funds.

I’m sorry to hear that, I’ll get the refund started right away. I ask you nevertheless with such concerns to contact me rather privately. King regards and stay healthy!

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Does this come with an integrated job?

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No, it is exclusively about the UI with its functions

the script is encrypted?

That’s right

Did you read the ToS? Its not allowed to sell encryptet scripts

No, you didn’t read the ToS. Obfuscated resources are not allowed for releases directly on this forum (as in, free releases) - things sold via Tebex have no such rule apply to them.


After clicking apply, it will error

I buy this script and have this problem

We’re working on an update. In your fxmanifest you find the instructions how to update.

Is this script still encrypted,or is it updated or is it abandoned?
Thank you in advance!

We noticed some problems with the encryption (especially with strings).
Therefore we plan to update the script and release the decrypted version of the script.
In the available version it is still encrypted.

Is it still available for purchase? because the tebex links doesn’t work anymore. Also is the decrypted version out? because I would want to change the locations language etc

I plan a rework as a new script. the old one isn’t available anymore.