[ESX] NKN - Labs (Stash, Drug Crafting, Robbery, etc...)


  • txAdmin
  • es_extended 1.1, 1.2 or Legacy


NKN - Labs offers criminals the opportunity to manufacture drugs. The labs are a kind of warehouse + crafting. In addition, also to shed a lot of blood.

Labs can be bought, captured or taken over by the state through a raid.

  • SQL storage for lab owner & stash
  • Storage for items
  • Labs can be raided by other factions ( labs can be captured).
  • Smokes can be broken (escape)
  • Crafting => drugs can be processed (example: cocaine leaf to cocaine)
  • Processing time - can be set individually
  • Notifications (everything important is notified from attack, defense, escape, raid, drug processing)
  • Cops can raid (making the lab unowned)
  • Cooldown for robberies
  • Only 1 player can use the UI (no simultaneous use)
  • Dupe / Exploit Safe
  • 0.00ms (if lab is used by player max 0.02ms), good client performance!
  • ESX Prefixes (ESX, esx, getSharedObject)
  • Discord Webhook
  • Locales (language) can be set
  • UI customizable
  • Logo can be changed
  • Lab purchase price
  • Maximum number of labs you can own
  • Jobs that should be blocked (e.g. Cops)
  • Maximum number of enemies for lab robbery
  • Lab robbery timer
  • Animations can be customized
  • CantRob Config - Jobs that can’t rob (e.g. ambulance, unemployed)
  • Cooldown time for robbing customizable
  • Notify can be (de)activated for process/crafting
  • Blips can be customized

Each lab can be customized

  • add/remove labs
  • Coords for Enter, Exit, Stash, Rob, Dimension (Routing Bucket) & craftable Items
  • Minimum items to process can be customized
  • Process duration can be adjusted


Click to buy [TEBEX] !

NKN Labs


Escrow system?

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Yes, sir!!

this is a very good scripts , but the price I think will be too expensive :frowning:

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How is txAdmin a requirement?

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It saves the stash and more with the TxAdmin event.

The price is very high, but behind it is 3 weeks long work with quality. We think that your players will also have a lot of fun with it and maybe donate money for your server and buy ranks.

Encrypting + High price…

I dont known what we have to think about the that ^^

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Our clientele finds the price reasonable. With the release came already very fast orders.

Of course the price is too high for some, but in the German area there are at least 10-15 servers with over 200 players! Of these, at least 5 with over 400!

There is also a lot of money flowing in, the server owners reinvest the money.

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New update available

What’s new?

- Discord logs have been implemented
- Job label name is now displayed in the laboratory UI instead of "NKN"

can it use for Esx1.1 / esx_inventoryhud / es_exended? Im so scared if i buy cant use lol

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We support es_extended 1.1

You don’t have to worry about your inventory script, because our stash system doesn’t use inventory. It is its own UI!


Whats new?

» [NEW] Progessbar / Exportbar at robbery/razzia
» Notifys customizable / trigger
» Marker customizable
» es_extended 1.1 Bugs fixxed