[ESX] NKN - Dispatch System


  • es_extended 1.1, 1.2 or Legacy


  • Clean UI
  • When players die, medics are dispatched!
  • Revived or offline players will be removed from the dispatch !
  • Waypoint is set when you accept a dispatch!
  • Dupe / Exploit Safe
  • 0.00ms
  • ESX Prefixes (ESX, esx, getSharedObject)
  • Revive Trigger
  • Dispatch Remove when accepting (false / true)


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NKN | Dispatch System


Somes question about that :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Its available with all type of jobs ? I mean if i’m police and i send with a triggerevent a call to the dispatch system it will appear ? Or i’m Taxi i got a call i can go on the position ?

  • Can we send a custom message ?

  • if the call was accepted or refused the target is it prevent ?

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Hey @5iLax

Hello 5iLax

  1. the script was written only for medics, the dispatch is sent with the esx:onPlayerDeath. This means that when someone dies on the client side a dispatch is sent.
    Since the script is open source, you can change it according to your taste & needs.

  2. yes, you can change any notification.

  3. you can set this function in the config. Then the person will disappear from the dispatch system when a dispatch is accepted.

When people are revived or leave the server they will be removed automatically.

1 A preview video in english for better understanding. I only knew the features because of the text and the text in the video editing.

3 Continuing the point 1, the script is in english?

2 The notifications are using what script? It’s custom made or from another person? I’m asking this because of problems of notifications not appearing because uses a script that the server owners don’t have.

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  1. we will release an English video with English UI / notifications.

  2. script is in german, but is easy to translate to english

  3. notification script is the default showNotification from ESX. For us it looks like this because we rewrote it_extended.


An update will be released the days with the following new features:

English translation

And because of nice Notifys: soon a Notify Pack will come from us + exclusion zones (police) script

are the dispatches saved in the db or just local and is there a triggerevent that i can use when i just want to send a dispatch even though i’m not dead?

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No database storage
Dispatch is sent with esx:onplayerdeath, the file is open source and can be modified as desired.