[ESX] Moonshine Job - scripted by Crxnkeh Dev (me)

My man made a moonshine resource for y’all and for free! But yet here you guys are STILL being a holes in here! Learn some manners!

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Im pretty experienced with LUA & SQL but i cant get it to work. Ive tried the most common stuff but all i get is errors, first a syntax error that i solved but now it get errors and wants me to close lines everywhere when it already is. Any ideas? (I know its a old topic but i liked the idea and im thinking of doing a simular script.) Wanted to try it out.

when a broken script has a release status , lol

So after switching the sell_mash type to delivery, I also wrote some Locales (english only) for this job and thought I’d share…

[‘s_moonshiner_locker’] = ‘moonshiner’s Locker Room’,
[‘s_mash’] = ‘corn’,
[‘s_gather_mash’] = ‘press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to gather corn’,
[‘boil_mash’] = ‘mash’,
[‘s_boil_mash’] = ‘press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to make the mash’,
[‘jar_mash’] = ‘Moonshine’,
[‘s_jar_mash’] = ‘press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to bottle the Moonshine’,
[‘s_sell_mash’] = ‘press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to sell the Moonshine’,

does this work for qbcore