[ESX] Kypo-ESX-Nos | Usable Car NOS | Car Boost

Simple little NOS system for cars usable item and a “anti exploit” basicly what i mean by anti exploit is when a player is in the air or a bike doing a wheelies it will stop the car midair to stop flying cars and to stop bikes doing wheelies and boosting into the air it will put the front wheel down!

Can be used in boats but not in planes or helicopters as it stops them in place.

Screenshots of effects

Ill make a video showcasing it soon

Download Link


Change Logs:

1. Only works in cars now! before you where able to use it on foot!
2. Using progrssBars as a cooldown feature!

@kyp adaptable to helo or boat ?

Yep it should work with everything u can get into

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Not sure why you’d run all these natives every single frame. They are unused except the vehicle if NOS is active and you press a button https://github.com/KypoDev/kypo-esx-nos/blob/master/kypo-esx-nos/client.lua#L39-L50

True Updated them just now i was using them for testing

Don’t forget this pointless “keys” table :stuck_out_tongue: https://github.com/KypoDev/kypo-esx-nos/blob/master/kypo-esx-nos/client.lua#L1

and all of this https://github.com/KypoDev/kypo-esx-nos/blob/master/kypo-esx-nos/client.lua#L12-L31

and this https://github.com/KypoDev/kypo-esx-nos/blob/master/kypo-esx-nos/client.lua#L28-L31

It’s all unused. Lots to clean up

In server.lua row 17 need to change
xPlayer.removeInventoryItem(item, quantity)
to this
xPlayer.removeInventoryItem(‘nos’, 1)

Thank you for pointing this out i must have overlooked it

Is this synced between all players?

How can I adjust the system to give the car a real boost? The default setting is absolutely incomprehensible
Thanks for the answer Bro :slight_smile:

Same question. The NOS lasts for a few milliseconds. How do we make it last longer?