[ESX] [Item Dropping Bug] I Need Help

i have an bug on my server. when people drop items, the items spawning behind other player at other locations. i have no error and my english is very bad.

Same problem, any fix so far ?

Little up x)

Yeah, I got the same problem :confused:

any fix for this?

Exact same problem

nope sry

actually not

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Use a different inventory, that fixed it for me.

Using different inventory is just a bandaid.

The pickup loop from ESX is broken in one sync infinity.

I will try to fork it later and PR a fixed pickup system.

I having same problem too :frowning:

ESX is an old framework from prior to OneSync. Even during the final patches, support for OneSync Infinity was not something deemed necessary. If you don’t know how to patch resources for Infinity then it isn’t something you need to be running.

Sabes como arreglarlo? :C