[ESX] Garage by nightstudios

Garage by nightstudios

Our garage script was made especially for ESX and works only with this framework. We do not provide support for any other frameworks.


  • Compatible with ESX 1.2 & legacy (1.1 not tested)
  • Multiple unique garages
    • Vehicles can only be parked out of a garage if its stored in the same garage before
  • No exploits
  • Fully optimized (0.3ms)
  • A waypoint will be set if a user tries to spawn a vehicle which is not stored and still in the world
  • Clean animations
  • Protected by Asset Escrow
  • Clean design
  • Event to trigger if you want to impound a vehicle

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Hi Nice Script, what happens if 2 players pull out a car at the same time. Does the script check for different parking positions? Are there separate aircraft and boat garages?

The script checks if a vehicle or something is within the spawn area. If so the vehicle will just not spawn.

No there are no aircraft or boat garages at the moment but they will be added in the next update.
I just wanted to release it :smiley:


Great i trust you with that and will buy great work :star_struck:

let me know when its added then I might buy it

please add aircraft and boat garages. I need it important

Garage | Update - 24.11.2021 | v1.2

  • Added Blips for each garage / impound / job garage
  • Multiple job garages with different types added - Removed Job Garage Blips
  • Scroll fix
  • Boat & Aircraft garages added
  • Version Check (You’ll get a message if the resource is outdated, same system as from other devs) Changed files:
  • config.lua
  • server/main.lua
  • client/main.lua
  • style.css

Added files:

  • docs/config_setup.md