[ESX] [FREE] Refurbished Community Service

ALL CREDITS GOES TO [Release] [ESX] ESX_CommunityService
I have encountered some issues with this script ( when the users logs out and comes back he gets punishments for no reason and the commands did not work ) . So i rescripted somethings and now I am sharing with you . Again all credits goes to the original post !
[ Github ] : GitHub - iSolorak/solocommunityservice

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Thanks for sharing. Could have implement security patches in to this that was introduced earlier.

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does this support esx legacy?

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yes it does

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I am esx_legacy and the command does not work

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/comserv id value does not work ??

moreover you have to be police in order for the command to work

yes nothing is happening and yes I am with the job police ^^

does it show any error server and client side ??

absolutely nothing, neither client nor server. No error, no message the command /comserv does nothing and there is no indication of command action /comserv id action I just modified the server side the job font by lspd

local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)
if xPlayer.getJob().name == “police” then

( 19 , 20 line ) if your job name ( database ) is lspd or fbi or something else change “police” to your job name

But still if you have another job name it should say " No permission "

yes that’s what i did but it doesn’t work

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That’s weird cause I used the new version of commands (natives I mean) . I will check it out .

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I have legacy too and it works nice

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thanks for the feedback !

ready to use thank you very much

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Also for me it not working and I use a legacy

that’s weird I use legacy too and it’s working fine .

Soooo any idea how to fix it ?

i have legacy wont work when i try to use it on myself it wont put me on markers.