[ESX] [FREE] Paleto Bank Robbery


Paleto Bank Robbery Script

What is this?

  • This is a resource that allows you to hack and break into the Paleto Bank

How does it work

  • First you must hack into the bank system using the cool minigame, then when the vault door is open go in and grab the cash but make sure to get out of the vault before you get locked inside





  • Simply drag n drop this resource into your server along with the “Dependencies”
  • Make sure whichever item you want people to use to hack the vault has the event “Paleto:client:attemptHack”


  • Hacking animation is wrongly offset
  • Untested with multiple people, however, this shouldn’t affect the script


  • Feel free to edit as you wish and enjoy the resource
  • If you do make any improvements/edits feel free to make a PR

Always confused me why people don’t make a preview before they post the script?


Maybe they dont have much time to record. Don’t be too demanding sir. its a free script. No need to ask for anything, just wait.


Not asking nor demanding. Just a good tactic is to have ur script ready to go before launching it!

does it work with es_extended 1.2?

Updated, check out the preview!

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would be fire if it would work at all banks, I think I’ll try to implement it

hey correct me if im wrong i dont see in the codes the usable item for hacking?

Yh, In the installation instructions I put that you needed to assign the client event to the item, however, I can add it in if people need it.

oh ok cause its also saying that its plug and play but it work for me not that hard to understand the code im just saying to help others that not aware of it thanx for this waiting for more on you.