[ESX] [FREE] Job Bell

Today I present a new free script.

I haven’t seen it like this before, which is why I’m uploading it, it’s been on my GitHub for 3 months.

Config = {
    Control = 51, -- E
    ShowHelpNotification = "~INPUT_CONTEXT~ Klingel betätigen", -- ring the bell notification
    WaitAfterBell = 10000, -- 10 seconds
    Position = {
        {pos = vector3(438.74417114258, -987.93365478516, 30.724325180054), job = "police"},
        {pos = vector3(440.29974365234, -984.40850830078, 30.724325180054), job = "police"},
Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 60
Requirements es_extended
Support Yes
Credits BeansFL for Thumbnail

nice release, keep that up bro <3

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Very Nice Work Bro!!

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i have a suggestion, i would like if each position could have its own notification. for example i have multiple locations for police so if each one had its own notification string that would let job know which location it was coming from. Also you forgot to add Markertype = to the config.

i was just coming to leave the same comment ^ but hadnt realized i made it 2 months ago with no reply

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I will do it these days.