[ESX] [Free] Crafting script with NUI

:hammer: 0crafting0 by sum00er :hammer:

I remember back in the days when I was still new to FiveM scripting, I tried so hard to find a free crafting script with NUI but failed. Now, I have the ability to create my own and I really want to share it with the community. Hope you enjoy the script~


  • simple NUI with item categories
  • adjustable quantity
  • items and weapons are both supported
  • support any version of ESX (limit and weight system, haven’t test on limit system yet but should work fine)
  • support ESX original inventory or ox inventory



  • es_extended
  • ox_lib (optional, for progbar)


  1. Download .zip and unzip it into your resource folder
  2. Name the folder as 0crafting0
  3. Configure config.lua.
    • Remember to configure oldesx, oxinv and limitSystem according to your server setup.
    • If you are not using ox_lib, you should put your progbar function under Progbar in config.lua. Return sucess() if the progbar is finished, and return cancel() if the progbar is cancelled.

Get the script


Thank you, looks great. Will test it.

the only thing missing is the option of a job at the table or at the item and you can do everything with it

oooo wooow bro now i can connect this with your mission script thank you man

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Do the images need to be inside the HTML?

yes, they shld be in the img folder

how i delete blip from this script. I want it secret

remove line 35-47 in client/main.lua

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can we set multiple table with certain item per table?

get stuck after closing ui

you must name the resource as 0crafting0