[ESX Framework] [Free] Weapon Components script as items

Hello there guys :slight_smile:
Here is a simple script that i had buried (I don’t know if it’s someone else’s because i found it and edited the script as i wanted to do it). The at start was build only for the component of silencer but later on i updated it with these attachments
3)Box/Drum Magazine
4)Extended Clip
6) Silencer

Here you go,

ral_components.rar (2.2 KB)

Feel free to tell if there is any problem with the script


how to u remove attachments when added on a weapon

this shit is fucking ass lmao imagine using ESX

there is not removal at the moment in the script. I will update it when i have the time

ok thnx

do they keep the attachments on if you were to give it to someone, etc?

In theory yes it should keep them. I think when you give it to someone es_extended gives it with the attachments.

Nice script, would use PlayerPedId() instead of GetPlayerPed(-1) though, it’s a bit quicker!

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