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  • Toggles a beautiful deathscreen UI when a player has died
    • Includes a fixed, blurry camera to prevent meta-gaming
  • HTML/CSS unobfuscated
    • Allows you to modify the NUI to fit your server
  • Player can press a button to…
    • Re-Sync
      • Ensures that the unconscious player can be seen by a medic
      • Allows to set a cooldown for the re-sync functionality, preventing players from abusing it
    • Send a disptach
      • Alerts medics of the location of the player
      • Includes a cooldown and the ability to send a second dispatch after half the bleedout time has passed
    • Respawn
      • Early respawn if the player does not want to wait. Earliest time at which a player can respawn can be configured
  • Depending on the cause of death:
    • The time until bleeding out can be adjusted
    • The dispatch function for the player can be disabled
    • Early respawning can be disabled
    • Respawning at the place of death can be activated
  • Allows for multiple hospital locations to respawn a player at when they bleed out
    • Picks the closest hosptial to the players location
  • Elaborate translation file, including parameters and notify types
    • Pre-translated in German and English
  • Notify can be easily replaced in the config

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GitHub - 5d-scripts/5d-deathscreen-config

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements es_extended, esx_ambulancejob
Support Yes
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Update v1.0.2

► Added dimension black/-whitelist to config. Allows you to stop the deathscreen from starting in certain dimensions. Useful for FFA/Gangwar or similar scripts.

Config changes: https://github.com/5d-scripts/5d-deathscreen-config/commit/07decf30ab3267766f314b582173e13e8232f9af