[ESX/ExM] Second Hand Vehicle Remastered (SHV V2) | sell your used cars to other players

esx 1.2 works?

it will work on ESX 1.1 and 1.2 , just make sure to change the config if you are using old ESX

Second Hand Vehicle V2 (Remastered) Have been Released !!

Read The first post (here) for all the information ,new features and updates or click the link below

[ESX/ExM] Second Hand Vehicle Remastered (SHV V2) | sell your used cars to other players

SHV Remastered (v2) Will be released for
QBCore Framework very soon !

Stay tuned !

New Update V2.1.0 :

  • This script now support fivem new asset manager, you can now always download/update this script from your purchased assets @ Cfx.re server key management

  • Fixed vehicle stay frozen when canceled/purchased

  • More client/server performance optimization

For anybody that wondering about encryption :

NO, script is not encrypted , you can modify all of the client/server side scripts (even utilities)
but , there is some functions that are encrypted , just to make it a harder for leakers and these functions were not editable in first place anyway , so, your experience will not change at all !

Also , it have 0 performance hit !

Hi there!
I am currently looking to open a used dealership business on my current server and had a question. I see that in all the examples the location is set the the pier car park and the car spots are set to the car park parking spots. Is this something that can be changed? We are looking at having the dealership up in Larrys RV sales in route 68 for example. THanks!

yes, its something that you can change / add / remove as much as you want to !

you can check the config file screenshots to see how it works

Second Hand Vehicle Remastered New Update V2.1.1 :

  • Reverted fivem asset manager update

  • Stop vehicle engine when its on sale