[ESX] CONDE-B1G_INVENTORY | Fast Items, Hotbar, Notifications, Shortcuts, HUD and much more

how would i go about that?

Thanks, for helping the guys out there!

No problem! I ultimately ended up moving over to ESX Legacy and another inventory system, but yours is really well made and makes life super easy for doing everything. Thank you for providing such a useful resource <3

you can always just put it on a hotkey and press it aswell :slight_smile: way easier

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anyone has gotten trunk and glovebox to work with Es_extended 1.2?

I have done this;

  • Made sure every trigger event is changed from esx_inventory to conde_inventory in the client.lua in esx_inventoryhud_trunk
  • Copied the trunk.lua and added it to conde_inventory script on client side + added the file to fxmanifest.lua
  • Ran every SQL im soppused to.

Heres the MySQL error im getting.

Im just wondering if this is an issue related to my version of es_extended or not, and if anyone has a fix for it. :slight_smile: Would hate to change inventory because i love what @Daniel_Escadas has made here!! Thanks.

trunk.lua (4.2 KB)

Here you go man :stuck_out_tongue: This is working for me


No error has occured since i put ur trunk.lua in.

However, still nothing appears… Check here

mind sending your client/esx_trunk-cl.lua from your esx_inventoryhud_trunk aswell? :slight_smile:

esx_trunk-cl.lua (7.0 KB)