[ESX] Boost's PVP style HUD with level,xp,kd and more !

After a long break I am releasing my old hud that I made for my own server. You will need to configure the kills, xp, levels and deaths your self. The hud is made with tailwindcss so the css is compiled, backend was made with alpine.js.

  • Display player’s kills
  • Display player’s death’s
  • Display player’s KD
  • Display player’s current level
  • Display player’s current xp and next level xp
  • Display player’s current bank account

  • es_extended (can be changed to qbcore easily)
  • Working brain

This resource is released as is and support will be limited !

Get it here !


Nice hud !

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its on mysql?

No, the way you handle player’s xp,level,kills,deaths and kd you need to manage yourself. You can check out server/main.lua where to put the data

Looks good.

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any idea to create simple kill feed like this


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up up