[ESX] Admin Mode

ESX Admin Mode:


This is a simple admin-mode project that allows users of a specific group to change into a special “on duty mode”. This mode automatically:

  • Gods the player
  • Changes their ESX job to an on-duty version
  • Heals the player
  • Spawns in an admin vehicle (if specified)
  • Changes the player’s ped automatically (if specified)

Upon Disabling admin mode, the resource:

  • Ungods the player
  • Returns their ESX Job back to where it was before
  • Removes the admin vehicle (unreliable at the current point)
  • Resets the player’s ped to the ESX skin (looking to change to last ped to work with EUP)

Admin Panel

  • Warn/Kick/Ban panel
  • Discord logging



Does it include any admin menu? if not it would be nice to consider it because it could be the whole package. :slight_smile:

Negative for the time being. I may look into adding one though!

Admin Panel added (With Help of another resource)!

Staff Chat Added!

Use /sc to chat with other staff!

Added in some minor tweaks. Soon to push to main branch!

:wave: Hey,
it looks very clean and I want to use it, but I got a problem. If I type /adminmode it won’t change my skin. In the chat come: Adminmode deactivated.

-newest server
-no error in the console

Did you enter in the ped id correctly?

Also, make sure your job isn’t admin when you join in the server. Leaving the server while in admin mode will break the script, it’s a known bug that i’m fixing

Hi can someone help me? When I am in admin mode everything is ok but then when i back in to the normal mode i further have godmode

I’ll take a look at this later, I’ll have to reinstall a test server, as my version seems to work fine.

Ok.Thanks and I know how to disable that.Ater I go to normal mode i just need to change my skin by command /skin from man to women then back to man and i do not have godmode anymore.

how do you return to normal mode. cant find the command

run the /adminmode command again.

are we able to change the ped to MP ped to work with my EUP

Not as of yet. Will look into changing it in the future.

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