ESX 7empers Diving + Underwater Loot markers

Quick description:
This script pack adds a fun alternative to making money, all you need is diving gear and your ready to find treasures!


  • Player checking to determine if you are in the water (only lets you put the gear on when treading water or diving) Removes gear if you are on land.

  • Percentage chance with what item you find, or if you find an item at all.

  • Individual markers can only be looted once every 45 seconds (or whatever your choose)

  • Complete config for diving times and loot locations / items.


  • Mythic Notify

  • Progressbars

  • ESX

0.00ms - Out of range of markers.
0.03ms - In range of markers.


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10.99 USD

| Code is accessible | Yes
| Subscription-based | No
| Lines (approximately) | 400
| Requirements | mythic notify / progressbars
| Support | Yes