Escrow issues trying to use a Resource in a RedM server

I purchased Badger’s DiscordQueue and it’s giving me errors when trying to run it. I purchased it from and Badger said it would work with RedM since it’s a standalone script for server queues. It’s showing an error that Badger says is related to the escrow system. He referred me to the forums to ask if the escrow even works with RedM. He’s never seen the error before and we’re both stumped. Any ideas?

The resource I purchased is here: [RELEASE] DiscordQueue-AdaptiveCards - #137 by OfficialBadger

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He shouldn’t be telling you to ask here, if his script “even works”. That’s his responsibility.

Escrow works on RedM fine, as many others are using the feature. Badger’s script is simply not written well for RedM’s code. He needs to fix it.

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Still haven’t been refunded for this and Badger still refuses to do anything about it. He told me it would work with RedM, but it doesn’t. Why doesn’t CFX do anything about these scammers?

How is those errors he posted anything to do with my script?.. It’s Escrow encrypted… It’s complaining about a binary chunk. How can I possibly fix that?

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I was simply reacting to what he said based on the assumption everything’s from their side is truth.

If your script worked fine on your end before encrypting it, try encrypted version yourself too. If there’s a bug somewhere that you can’t fix yourself, you should report it to CFX.

Maybe try to reach our to CrazyHobo first, so he doesn’t go around making a bad rep for you. If my customer would be impatient when something’s broken, I’d rather simply refund them than having others listen to their rant on the forum.

I told him to contact CFX because that’s not an issue I can fix. It’s an issue with their escrow encrypting… This script works fine on the FiveM engine, so something is wrong with the RedM engine, but I cannot fix that.