Errors up the wazoo, need help fixing them please

so i recently updated my server to latest version and now whenever i connect, maybe halfway into loading i get a init_session error. Thats my first issue the second one is:

I get this error whenever the launcher finishes loading for some weird reason
i have pld, enhanced reborn and openinteriors in my plugins folder

Remove pld see if that helps.

okay but what about the init_session error?

I was getting the same issue with mine but I did figure out the INIT error is in the server be it cars peds whatever (I use a ■■■■■■■ Server and the one click install of Captain14’s LSPD Pack was causing it) removing the pack fixed the INIT_Session error.

im not running that pack specifically

No but it could be something being streamed from the server i used that pack as an example of what was causing it to crash, For example say you have one car being streamed and you upload the files to you server but before you do you are playing on it fine, then after you upload the car and launch you get the INIT error it is that car that you just uploaded. Also happens with whitelist script freeroam mode and many others, uninstall and see if you get into your server.

English is on point today