Error starting the server

The error code in TxAdmin:

[01:00:02][Monitor]  (HB:1|HC:--) FXServer is not responding. (connect ECONNREFUSED
[01:00:02][Monitor]  Restarting server (server partial hang detected).
[01:00:03][FXRunner]  >> [4264] FXServer Exited.
[01:00:03][FXRunner]  >> [4264] FXServer Closed. (code null)
[01:00:04][FXRunner]  >> [7112] FXServer Started

same my server goes to the max 300seconds then restarts

Found the solution. I accidently wrote a number in the next lane
endpoint_add_tcp ""

Hello it does the same thing to me but there is no error in the CFg can you help me

What the console writes?