Error starting FiveM (updating)

Any idea why I’m getting an epileptic seizure when I try to open the client this morning?


Yes I got the same here, so do my crew members

I think it’s a general bug

Same thing for me, the developers will correct this fast I think :slight_smile:

Must have pushed an update out and it’s a bit fucked, same is happening to me and was fine 30 minutes ago.

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me too


You don’t be stuck in a update loop, if you never stop FiveM !

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Just finished my mod, and i was asking to myslef, can i check it ?

For info, delete all fiveM, download a fresh launcher, same issue.
Computer uptodate, driver’s too and a fresh restart of it, same issue.


well ye i got the same problem i needed to restart my pc to get rid off it so i hope it fixes soon

You can stop it by spam clicking really fast at the Cancel button.

Same here , it’s a general issue.

I just got in, without FiveM trying to update. Perhaps it’s fixed.

This bug has been fixed!