(Error) Crashing when loading into a server (Need Help)

GTA V version?
: 1.36 Bikers DLC
Up to date?
: Yes and its a clean copy no mods or anything
Legit or Pirate
: Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club
: Steam
Windows Version
: Windows 10
Error Screenshot
: No Error comes up
GTA V folder screenshot
FiveReborn client folder screenshot
: o6zDB
: https://www.dropbox.com/s/161gf2a09y5nuh0/CitizenFX.log?dl=0
.dmp files
: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ixgkavsymugq8rl/5bbdd18e-e13b-4420-a6c5-03ff749a20cf.dmp?dl=0

So i have tried to remove all plugins from gta and five reborn didn’t work tried it with and without steam open didn’t work tried getting a fresh gta 5 and a fresh five reborn and it still does not work.

My issue is that i boot up the game just fine then i click on a server it goes to the loading screen takes a minute then just crashes with no error message

EXAMPLE OF THE ERROR: https://youtu.be/yubZKQ7gATU

Please help me fix this i have tried everything i can do but it just started happening after the biker update for five reborn if you have any suggestions let me know


Did you try to disable your Anti Virus? Are you trying to join a modified server?

You error vid is down.

@Boss ill reupload the video when I get homelater today and I’ll see if turning off my virus protection works and all get back to you

@Boss The update appers to fix the issue