Error 500 on joining a server

I get error saying (500) when I try to join any server, happens for all, 5Reborn worked fine yesterday.

I have the same problem now
30min ago it was just fine but now i can’t join anything

i have the same problem

A simple restart fixed it for me, just restart you pc

I have it agan, after restarting you can only join one server once

Same here.But rebooting didn’t works

same issue cant join any server

Yup same here, restart didnt work either…

did you changed anything before you got the arror and did you changed anything before you joined a after the restart?

Nope, didnt do anything

Same… error 500…

+1 same issue here

Oh god, same here… I can’t join

For me too, Maybe have some Update?

yeah after restart pc working great!!!

i restarted mine a few times nothing :dizzy_face:

Disconect The Internet, Restart the pc. Connect the INternet. And Try again…

Works For Me.

works now :slight_smile: i just waited and tried again and works now

Same issue I have rebooted 3 times already.

ugh this sucks. Hope this gets fixed soon.