ERR_GEN_ZLIB_2 (.YTD related)

Is there a way to increase the limit of the game’s memory in order to install any modded texture file with quite large pictures inside and get rid of this error? I don’t think I need to post a picture of this because you guys must be already aware of this particular limit.
I’m just asking if this will ever be fixed or it’s something that has to do with the game itself and got nothing to do with the mod, because I’ve also installed this .YTD texture file in SP and my game seemed to be working just fine.

i think it has to be server related and it has a limit or something cuz in SP for ex i had 25 addons all bunch of other trash etc and it worked now it barely handles a handfull of decent cars

What I’m talking about is the vehshare.ytd texture file placed into the FiveReborn\citizen\platform\levels\gta5\vehicles folder, everytime I put a texture file larger than 15 MBs the mod just can’t handle that and the error window would keep on showing up.
I’m currently using a vehshare.ytd texture file about 10,2 MBs large and it seems like any server can handle it.
If this is actually something server related I don’t know if there could be a way to handle larger texture files without that error window would ever appear again, please bear this issue in mind and see if this can be fixed somehow, thank you.

I see this topic is quite old,but I’m having difficulties too.Particularly on drift servers like AHD.They have alot mods and everytime i try to get on the server this error pops up.Please fix it I wanna play

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