/entorno and /auxilio command [FiveM]

Good morning, sir,

I’m looking for the command script of /entorno and /auxulio

The one they have in Despistaos RP since I’ve seen it on other servers.

You use /entorno and a notification comes to the police above the map.

I need that script now!


Hi, the script is this [Release] Another 911/999 Script only you have to change the / 911 to / environment or / auxulio I have created it to yes, and it works correctly

It’s not exactly that.

I want it to go to the police. That is, as a /entorno and mark the police on the map that location and get the reason.

oh boi… you need it NOW? then search that or make that NOW

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If you look at the notification of clueless the icon 911 comes out, it is the same, you just have to modify it to your liking

That only shows you a notification on the left side of the screen … what he means is that you get a GPS from the location where the echo occurred … I’m also looking for it …

Hello, very late, I know.
But, I just created a script to /auxilio.

I hope it works.
I have tested it on my server and it works perfectly.
in the file, there is a two scripts:
1 – /entorno y forzar (isn’t my owned)
2 – /auxilio (is my owned) “reused code”