Entity state bags not replicating to other client


Using canary? Yes
Windows version: Windows 11 Build 10.0.22000
System specifications:
Ryzen 5 2600X
NVIDIA GeForce 1060 Strix OC


Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
Artifact version: 5829
IP address: On Request
Resources: On Request
OneSync: Enabled (Infinity)



I am currently building a script bases on entity state bags.
While doing so i’ve encountered a weird issue where entity state bags would not sync across clients even if specified so. With the resource below i was able to spawn an entity with a set state bag but when requested by another client the state bag has not been set. Furthermore the StateBagChangeHandler fired when set by the original client but there has been no output to the other players console.

Expected behavior:

State bag should have synced across clients cause it was told to do so.

Actual behavior:

State bag did not replicate and therefore the other client wasn’t able to get the information.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download & start the resource from the repository below.
  2. With player one execute the “spawnTestHorse” command.
  • A horse should spawn and the StateBagChangeHandler should fire.
  • When the command “requestHorseState” is executed by player one near the horse it should print “Success!” and “true”
  1. With player two execute the “requestHorseState” command near the horse.
  • Console should print “Failed.” cause the statebag is nil.

Server/Client? Both i guess?

Files for repro (if any):

Error screenshot (if any): N/A

.dmp files/report IDs: N/A

Any additional info: N/A