[ENG] Most Trusted Roleplay | Serious RP | Economy Based | No Pixel Inspired | Custom Scripts

Hey everyone, we are a new server that just opened up called Most Trusted. We have open spots for LEOs and EMS currently as well as a whole business side of roleplay. There is a bunch of methods to make money whether you want to do it legitimately or criminally. Please, hop on and try it out!

Server Info:
Server IP:
Connect Link: cfx.re/join/9a76qk
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NqKJKvrvtJ


  • Lots of custom No Pixel themed 2.0 and 3.0 scripts
  • In depth MLOs and Interiors
  • Custom drug scripts
  • In depth MDT systems for LEOs and EMS
  • Economy Based

Criminal Side:
There is plenty to do to get your hands dirty on MTRP, whether it be small drug deals, peddling oxy and meth, starting your own illegal marijuana farm, or big time bank heists, breaking into the Fleeca vaults, hacking the huge Pacific Standard Bank or visiting the local jewelry store and getting your hands on a few expensive pearls. Need to make a quick buck? Rob the nearest convenience store before the cops show up. Do some shady deals with some shady figures to get your hands on some very illegal weaponry to help you do more crime!

Civilian Side:
Get a local paying job at the nearest Burgershot or Up-N-Atom. Meet some new faces and enjoy your life in the city. Become a mechanic and pursue your passion of working on cars, or do an honest days work of delivering packages or towing cars.

LEO Side:
Get local dispatch calls, go out on patrol, and most of all, keep your city safe. Our detailed MDT allows you to create profiles for repeat criminal offenders, save their crimes on file to allow you to get a better understanding of their criminal scum ways. Access to an arsenal of various vehicles and weaponry to shut these crooks down.