🧟 END OF DAYZ RP | Zombie Survival Roleplay | Custom Missions, MLO's, Weapons, Cars, Drugs | Military+ Factions | Base Building and Car Building | Paleto Safe Town

End Of DayZ RP


Zombie Survival Roleplay

Los Santos has been hit; zombies and unknown creatures are everywhere… You must do everything in your power to survive! Paleto has been turned into a safe town, the military have taken control and transformed this little town into everything you could need to survive!

Feeling brave though? Head to the gates where the gatekeepers wait, they’ll let you out into the zombie infested world! Just remember to be quiet… cars, running, shooting, talking and boomboxes; any loud noise is enough to get the zombies attention!

Don’t forget to loot as much as you can whilst you’re out of the safe zone ready to sell it, craft or power the city generator!

If joining the military isn’t you thing - running your own settlement/gang is also an option! EOD has an amazing construction team that will help build your area to protect you from the creatures that lurk! Not only that, get your grind on aand work out the various drugs - each one gives you various buffs to help you fight of the hoards of zombies; they may even give you extra luck when it comes to looting… that’s for you to figure out though.

With everyone having the ability to revive (make sure you carry a first aid kit) and carrying an emergency zombie help button, there is non-stop RP available! Loads of Missions, building your own cars and crafting your own items and food is a key to survival too… honestly there is nothing quite like this Zombie Survival roleplay server, End Of DayZ.

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Still looking for a few other roles!

Still looking for more people to help test - in-game bonuses available!


Still looking for more testers!

Hi, if you guys are currently looking for a developer, go ahead and send me a message on discord @jacobkom

Thanks but we already have a brilliant dev team :slight_smile:


KFC Heist and Russian Mafia Document Heist added in - come help test!


Advert updated - plenty more scripts added and so much more to come!


Few more criminal scripts added!


Added even more scripts in today - join the discord ready for launch!


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Zombie Survival Roleplay!