EMS Medic Mega pack For Male and female [50% OFF]

Package Has Been Updated!

Pack contains male and female
Themed Pillbox Hospital

  • Stethoscopes
  • Face Masks
  • Fire Proof Jackets
  • Golfers (Tucked & Untucked)
  • Tailored/Fitted Shirts
  • Armored /Riot Shirt
  • Armored /Riot Top
  • Pillbox Moon bag
  • Hospital Gown
  • Leather Jackets
  • Work Jackets
  • Pilot/Heli Jackets
  • Rain Jackets/Coats
  • Lanyards
  • Pants
  • Safety gear
  • Safety Vest
  • Long & Short Sleeve Shirts


Find the pack HERE
MegaPack 2 HERE!
Oceans Medical Megapack HERE!!

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Pictures available on Store.

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Added more

  • Long & Short sleeve shirts
  • Safety vest / Bib

is this male and female?

Currently only male.
We busy with the female set.

can you let me know when the female set is finished please and thank you.

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I have added Female set.

I really like that.

Is the pack open source? I’m not using Pillbox but Ocean, but I really like your style.

Hi yes its open source, nothing is locked.

Added more links.

Busy making a Oceans version.

Added some pictures to post.

Ocean Medical Center uniform now available on our Store

Added link for Medic MegaPack and Paramedic uniform in one package.

Added Oceans Medical female set

Added more link

Package has been updated.

We currently updating the Oceans Medical pack.

Hi there,
what’s the difference between the mega packs?
only the first one seems to have pictures in them.


Hi, the mega pack is male and female and mega pack 2 is a bundle including the Pillbox Paramedic uniforms

Hello! im interested in the pack, do you have video or photos of the content in it?