EMS distress signal not working

Hello there Im having some trouble with the EMS distress signal. Ive tried a few ‘fixes’ ive found on here and youtube aswell as reinstalling various old and newer esx ambulance jobs but it doesnt seem to fix it.

Basically when someone dies and they press ‘G’ to send the signal no signal on the map appears but when someones robs a store the police are receiving a signal so im not sure why police works and the ems signal doesnt. Any help is appreciated!!

Sorry if its wrong area to post aswell, still new to all this :slight_smile:

A good start would be showing some of the source code or show an error to debug. :+1:

Theres no errors regarding anything involving the ambulance job, only error I have is to do with a mini van I have but thats not the cause. And the script is a bran new script that I aint touched so shouldnt have any issue with it. Do I need to do something with the phone gps maybe?

Please provide the source code that is sending the distress signal. Also you can try updating your scripts.