Emergency Uniform Pack|Client/Server Sided|Easy Install|UPDATE 5.0 Announcement


5.0 is still in test stages and we are having a fair bit of issues with some of the items which would heavily turn off any one interested in downloading and using it.

We are working on fix the issues as soon as possible.


I am currently having issues with items not appearing as they should be. I have the Element club and installed all required items but no avail

I definitely have read this entire thread. And I was still Confused. So I asked But before anyone answered I Figured it out and Had it working. But thank You for the Reply and Hostility is Okay at least you were not ignorant about it thank you for replying. I do have one problem with it When I enter the EUP menu It starts to spin, Is there a way to stop that? I haven’t even looked in the resource folder just that I would ask.

i added the new menu it dont load the skins in tho and i bought the $17 patron

There is a fix for that yes, I’ll need to find updated ui with that.

Do u got the vid?

Where is the COVID-19 mask that you said you added? Cause I can’t seem to find it in vMenu

Make sure you’ve added them to your Server.cfg

thanks for this I appreciate it.

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BCSO Short Sleeve Uniform, and SAHP Short Sleeve Uniform are messed up with Client Side just FYI. :slight_smile:

do you need a subscription for this?

yes, https://www.patreon.com/fivem is where you do it, make sure you get the elemental key argentum or higher

Hey NJD, do you plan on adding the North Yankton State Patrol EUP?

just wondering since in the 8.1 server-side release it says EUP Menu comming soon, hows the progress on that?

Yes you do

Got it, I havent touched Client Side in a long time Unlikely to be updated

It is NOT added Yet it will be in 5.0 which is still in testing phases. Having some issues with that mask in particular

Perhaps, anything is possible

Honestly over my head. Completely forgot all about it.

Did you activate your Code?