:Star: Emergency RP - Serious California Roleplay Server with EUP


Emergency RP is a serious California based roleplaying server. Our main focus is on simulating real US departments as best as we can whilst keeping it fun for everyone. Our training programs are made with the real life manuals in hand, to get the best and most realistic roleplay as we can. We have an experienced leading staff and a welcoming group of members.

Our server exists of the following departments:

  • Los Angeles Police Department
    (containing units as Traffic and Gang and Narcotics)
  • Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
    (containing units as Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB), Bomb Squad, Hazmat and Search and Rescue)
  • California Highway Patrol
    (containing units as SWAT, Gang Task Force and Riot Unit)
  • Los Angeles Fire Department
    (including LACoFD)


An important aspect of our server is that we try to make it as realistic as we can. That is why we implemented several architectural changes throughout the map. You will see Californian road signage in the city and along the highways, the police stations have been changed to LAPD and LASD variants, most parts of the public transport system have been reworked to resemble real life California and the list goes on.

You will see this level of realism also in the vehicles that each department have at their disposal. All vehicles are selected or reworked to resemble their real counterparts. As cherry on the cake, we provide a client side mod that will give you Californian license plates and the LAPD/LASD Smart Siren.


ERP uses the California EUP Pack, which is a client side mod that enables us to make a wide variety of uniforms for the multiplayer characters. This makes the roleplaying aspect in our server much better and gives you the oppertunity to always play as the same character.

We Care About Your Opinion

Our staff is always open for new suggestions to improve our community. We work closely with all our members to give everyone the best possible experience. Our staff members are friendly and mature people, so don’t hesitate to ask us questions or tell us your suggestions for the server.


For more information about our server and how to join, you can visit our website on www.emergencyrp.com. You are also more than welcome to join our Discord server via discord.gg/Ak4rEge


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Does this community use Ts3 or Discord?

They use Discord.

We use both. TS3 for serious communication and RTO, Discord for casual chat and regular communication.

Love those pictures :wink:

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We are actively looking for LAPD, CHP & LAFD personnel. Feel free to join our Discord to see what we can offer you :slight_smile:

Hello people :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: