Emergency Lightng System script support

Now that: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13865-emergency-lighting-system/
has been released on lcpdfr, will this script work clientside with server vehicles or no?

It seems to crash, saying “ELS.asi Cannot load” Just tried :frowning:

i think you might have to put advancedhook in the dir of fr
not sure though

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After trying out ELS today i can confirm that it does work
here is the installation for those that dont know how to do it properly:

  1. Download ELS from LCPDR
  2. Extract .rar
  3. Take the els.asi and advancedhook.asi and place them in the fivereborn/plugins folder
  4. Take the els.ini, els folder and advanced hook and place them into the gta v directory in steamapps/common or rockstar games/grand theft auto v (i think this is the install for the non-steam directory not sure though)
  5. Install els-enabled car through server-side car streaming tutorial (as provided on forums)
  6. enjoy els.

Hope that has helped people that want to use els

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You are a Legend!!! I dont suppose you have worked out and completed the siren fix have you??

I did try however it crashed my GTA and i had to reload which was strange…

@Pledge8236 no unfortunately not right now.

No worries.

Can I ask we have our ELS cars server side however; once on the server the ELS lights work but the sirens do not. Once the lights are turned off then the sirens then work…From your exploring is there anything server side that you found impacted on ELS?

We have found that when the server is red boxed ELS works fine which suggests to me the issue is server side but we dont seem to be able to identify what…

Thanks in advance.


yeah man, idk what to tell you. I mean i think your right that it might be serverside but i cant be sure until it becomes better, it might just be the first release, maybe in the future man. Maybe in the future who knows.

you can use siren but everyone else near you will hear you yelping , when they are far from you they can hear a clear siren but near it’s yelping all the time, don’t know why.

@hbk how do you get the siren to work because for some reason every time i hit the siren key it just blips for me.

check the readme on the configs. it was alt + g i belive, i don’t remember the exact keys because i removed it when i saw it’s yelping. but it was alt + g and after that keep E pressed until siren starts.

But i may be wrong on that.

it calls for SP natives not MP its not FULLY SUPPORTED YET its hopefully they will make a MP version soon but atm some stuff glitches but ctrl + P opens ELS menu alt+G with menu up witll turn siren on and lights for just that client everyone else on the server will hear them yelping , some of the other siren function didnt work like code 2 regular yelp horn due to button overlap in chat resource all that so there might be a lot until this will work

I know ELS is not MP yet but i have seen some communities having fully functioning ELS. Are they using ELS-V or custom scripts, I managed to install ELS in my game and the lights work in game but when i press Alt+G or E the siren just does and quick short whoop and thats it. Any help would be appreciated!


well some1 stole the code from lt.caine and thats needed for the sirens to work properly on the server ELS works good client side but without the script the siren sync is off a lot so the script makes it works right

Ah ok, thats a shame, hopefully he releases MP at some point

it will work for now ?

my els does not work i did all the basic things like delete cashes xml and i even reinstalled my game idk but els is in my game i can see other people lights and hear sirens but i cant get them to work can anyone help asap have all the xml files for game but they still dont work