EmeraldCity RolePlay✅ | Custom Drugs💊 | Custom Cars🚗 | 65k Starting Cash💸 | Hiring Gangs 4PD EMS | New Server

Hello we are EmeraldCity RolePlay we are a new esx server looking for new members. We are coming out with new updates for the server very often to keep players busy.Currently we only have LSPD open but once we get more members we will be opening more departments. Some of those departments are SASP and BCSO and we will be looking for department heads when those open. We also have a Job center that lets you choose many career options. Some of the careers you can choose from are Fisherman, Lumberjack and Burgershot. We also have small stores open around the map so you can create your own business. Another position that is open is the Mechanic shop that we have here in ECRP. Some of the things that you can do as a mechanic is buy and sell used cars from players and sell them to make EVEN more money for the shop. You have access to flatbeds and roadside assistance cars for the jobs that don’t require a flatbed. Another cool thing about this server is there are custom gangs we have in the server you will be able to compete with other gangs in the server to make your gang the strongest in the server to make more money for your gang. Some of the ways to make money for your gang is robbing banks and small stores. You can also sell and make drugs. There are some cool missions to get some of those drugs including the cocaine plane which give you 2 bricks of coke per mission. But in order to create a gang you need at least 3 people to make a whitelisted gang to make it a whitelisted job and get a hideout with boss menu and armory. Also you can buy a custom house any where on the map you choose the spot we place the house. We also have a lot of custom cars and deals with them and mechanics buy and sell used cars for cheap. If you have any questions please join our discord with this discord link https://discord.gg/qKqzQscvKW.
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this is a nice server cool staff

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A big update is coming on 5/7/2021 Emerald City 1.2 Beta will be out.