ELS XML sounds not working

I am trying to change the sounds of the sirens of the police cars in my server. I did this by going to the XML file of that vehicle and changing the SrnTone1 to a different sound that can be found in my RESIDENT.rpf in the vehicles.awc, but when I change it, no sound can be heard when that siren is activated… Is this a common issue or am I doing something very wrong?



For example, the SrnTone2 doesn’t output any sound right now

I Can see that you are changing the wrong audio files, Here are the siren hashes below.

Grand Theft Auto V Siren Hashtag Dictionary :

0x0EA58C7C - Generic Bullhorn

0x013F5FE7 - PoliceB Main
0x17DDFB5C - PoliceB Secondary

0x0A8960B6 - FIB Primary
0x0A49B203 - FIB Secondary

0x0D329446 - Police Primary
SIREN_2 - Police Secondary

0x0E0DA7BC - Granger Primary
0x16E74B3E - Granger Secondary

0x1C98C4D5 - Ambulance Primary
0x144C8602 - Ambulance Secondary

0x14BFBCE3- Fire Horn
0x159C9182 - Fire Primary
0x161768E7 - Fire Secondary

Maybe changing these will work because this is what i use to do it client side. From what i know you don’t have to go into the XML’s at all and just change the audio files that are above. I Believe you can stream the RESIDENT.rpf but I’m not sure how.

I Hope this helps you out