El Dorado RP - RedM RP Server - Whitelist - Looking for Supporters, Devs & Players!

El Dorado RP is a newly established server that has been under development for under a month. An english speaking EU based server with hopes of creating a diverse and solid community for RedM. We are under the development of core features for the server with a couple of custom scripts active hoping to release very soon for RP. Our whitelist system is active on our discord - additional information is also available!

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/ahDdzPK

The Community:

  • Dedicated & active staff members
  • Active development with a big dedication for custom scripting
  • The community / players partake in making server changes: By using our suggestion / praise & blame system to either suggest something or praise / blame others in the community to help create a better community
  • We are all looking for mature Roleplayers who are dedicated towards having an immersive experience

Current Server Features:

  • Sheriff / Deputy
  • Mining
  • Butcher - Selling carcasses & pelts
  • Farming - Selling seeds
  • Hunting
  • Custom storage system
  • Custom bathing system
  • Horses & Carriages
  • & more to come!

Keep in mind the server has only been in development for under a month while only having one developer, if anyone is interested to help feel free to join the discord and message a staff member, we would appreciate any help at all!

El Dorados Visions:

  • The server is EU based which means many nationalities would be joining and we welcome them with open arms! What we’ve done is that we have allowed a multi-language tolerance. By this we mean it is allowed to speak your own language amongst posses / gangs / groups - while speaking and understanding english at the same time is a must. An example could be RP’ing as a posse of mexicans, speaking spanish amongst yourselfs would be a cool & immersive experience.

  • We do not have a whole lot of rules as we feel this would limit the creativity of RP, therefore we expect our players & community to be mature and have a dedication to make good RP - the reason why we have whitelist at server start.

  • Our main focus on the server is to create a non-hostile community where we can RP as mature people and set the winning / losing mentality aside. Unique character development and immersive RP scenarios is a big focus without having to limit your RP opportunities. Suggestions & creative ideas from the players is something we would appreciate a lot to help make this community something unique!

// El Dorado Staff Team


We’ve created a whitelist form, if someone is interested feel free to send us an application as we are expecting to open the server real soon!

// El Dorado Staff Team

very nice, cant wait to see whats in store!

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Is it Text or voice RP?

Its voice RP :smiley: