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EK Roleplay is coming! :sparkles: We are a heart-warming, friendly community that was made with passion, love and excitement! Do not miss this opportunity. Good times β†’ Guaranteed. :white_check_mark:

:earth_americas: And the best thing guys? It is public. Custom gangs, custom scripts, job, houses, character customization! All of this and so much more.


:police_car: Did I tell you about the Police? Los Santos Police Department is hiring! Them fellas know the law, and will get you in a uniform in no time! SWAT, Detectives, High Speed Unit, Air Support - all of this @ MRPD!


:ambulance: Help! I’m down! Ah yes. SA Med is here to help! The best medics of the whole state - SA Med. This is govermently funded Emergency Medical Services, with skilled paramedics. Guess what? They are looking for some new members! Maybe you could a part of them? Apply now on Discord


:game_die: PDM, Casino, Arcade, Split Sides, Vanilla Unicorn - All of these business are looking for an owner. Are you the one grinding that economy so hard that you will buy that! I believe in you, fella!


:person_in_tuxedo: Who will sell you the business tho? Dynasty 8 - Real estate in LS who is hiring new agents! Do you have what it takes?


:taxi: Weazel News, Chicken Factory worker, Pizza boy, Delivery Driver, Taxi Driver and so much more! Don’t want to be the boss? No problem! We’ve got a spot for you anytime!


:woman: Guess what? The whole server is female owned & ran! So no picking favors! Our owners treat all of our members with respect and comfort!

What are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW! :two_hearts:



Really proud of the server so far! I cant wait to see how it goes! <3


EK Roleplay is a great server would highly recommend <3 <3 <3 <3


We are starting to build a great community at EK! We would love to have you!


We are also looking for some new Gangs to thrive in the city, as well as policemen to stop them!
And we are also still looking for our new EMS Chief!

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Currently in Alpha version!!! You are able to join with an Aplha tag which you can get on our discord. JOIN NOW!!

We are officially in Beta! Looking for EMS, Police & Crims. Come on in!

sasp application
Currently looking for all levels of SASP!

and SAFR!

Lots of businesses open!

Come and join our discord!