Echo_314. 10-8

New to GTA5 and this mod , retired police officer 20 years of service. Looking for a serious group who has a system set up and knows what they are doing , laws, traffic stop procedures , ect…

@Echo_314 Hello, btw I’m not anyway near to what you want… I’m just for helping out


@Echo_314 I represent a roleplay clan called California Department of Emergency Services and we would like to invite you to be a part of our roleplay clan. If you would like to learn more please feel free to private message me here.

We hope to hear back from you very soon.
Director Wolf
California Department of Emergency Services roleplay clan
Callsign 1-Lincon-10

here is some more information on us so that you can get a feel for whether or not we are about and whether or not we are what you are looking for:

Hello perspective offices,
Welcome to California Department of Emergency Services roleplay clan. Here we offer the most true to real-life roleplay clan to ever exist on the GTA roleplaying plane of existence.
Our clan offers a wide variety of positions and specialties as well as true to real-life policing experiences.

We pride ourselves on providing a true to real-life realistic policing roleplaying experience. This clan was originally created to fill a gap that our director has seen in the GTA roleplay community.

Currently our clan has noticed that we have empty command slots as well as empty officer slots and are now openly recruiting for command positions within our clan as well as general duty officers.

We give our officers opportunities for promotion as well as entry, selection and training for specialty divisions within our clan so that officers are not stuck just doing one particular thing and instead are able to be cross-trained in one or two different specialties along with their general duties.

here is an example of a situation where a officer within our clan will be able to get promotion and be able to apply for a specialty division:

[Officer A] has recently finished their rank requirement to be promoted from Officer II to Officer III. [Officer A] has also recently been noticed by his senior officer for preforming his job beyond what is required of him and has recommended him for a promotion. [Officer A] gets his promotion and is now able to apply for the following specialty divisions:
-Motorcycle Patrol Division
-Air Support Division
-Gangs and Narcotics Division
-Special Weapons and Tactics
-Crime Suppression

Officer A also has the ability to apply for detective training and get another promotion to Detective I and be a part of the detective bureau.

Please note that this is only an example as the clan usually requires a15 official patrol waiting period before applying for promotion or specialty training

If you would like to join us feel free to fill out the application:
We hope that this has given you a insight to join our clan and take a look at the application.

With all the best in any future endeavors you choose to pursue within the gta rp community.

Director of Emergency Services
California Department of Emergency Services roleplay clan.