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Our Community Website can be found here!

Are you interested in joining a community that is fun and professional and based around realism? Are you interested in a community that allows members to have an open voice in the community and the way things are ran? Well, you have come to the right place and there is no need to look further! Apply to join East Coast Roleplay Community, a roleplay group that is based around creative, imaginative roleplay that places trust in our members to roleplay realistically. Our community was formed with the idea of little restrictions join today and join some of the best roleplayers on FiveM.

The community was created in December 2020.


Law Enforcement Division:

  • You can patrol as the law enforcement agency you choose!! (Los Santos Police Department, San Andreas Highway Patrol or Blaine County Sheriff)
  • Fully custom vehicle skins and EUP uniforms
  • High quality car models custom modeled!
  • Fully custom Mobile Data Computer with realistic warning, citation and arrest forms
  • Realistic traffic accident reporting
  • Subdivisions include Canine, Air Support, and Investigations

LSPD_LOGO (1) latsefsest162e74-badge

Civilian Operations Division:

  • Nearly unrestricted vehicle structure and scenario rules
  • Balanced priority guidelines to ensure realistic, creative and imaginative roleplay scenarios
  • Advanced Civilian management panel to create, modify and maintain your Civilian characters
  • Civilian jobs with management, applications, and a purpose
  • Judicial system which grants the ability to contest charges within a realistic roleplay environment
  • Vehicle fleet with custom models and skins

San Andreas Fire & Rescue:

  • High quality vehicles with fully custom vehicle skins, as well as EUP uniforms
  • Realistic pager system for volunteers
  • Fully functional extrication, pass device, and fire scripts
  • Leadership has IRL Fire and EMS experience

Dispatch Certification:

  • Fully custom Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system with “state of the art” NCIC functionalities
  • Realistic unit management and assignment features
  • Realistic call creation and call management functions
  • Part of our Public Safety Division


  • Minimum age: 15 years
  • Previous experience: None required, we are open to helping new role-players learn the ropes


Our Community Website can be found here!

Join our Community Discord Today!!


  1. Join our Community Orientation Discord found here - Discord
  2. After joining, please wait patiently for a member of our Community Field Training Department to meet with you and orientate you. Please wait in the lobby titled “New Members Lobby”. Ensure you have push to mute enabled and wait patiently.
  3. Once a member of the Field Training Department arrives, you will be asked some information including the department you wish to join. Please state the truth and make sure to learn and listen to everything your Field Training Officer says!

If you have any questions relating to the East Coast Roleplay Community, feel free to proceed and do the following!

Join our Community Orientation Discord and ask a question in #ecrp-questions channel.!

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We look forward to seeing you in server!

This server is absolutely amazing!

Best server out there!!!

All departments are looking for members

are you guys still up i really enjoyed this sever

Is the server still up