Dynamite Roleplay Server 2.0 | Legal & Illegal Jobs | Allowlist | Player Driven | 18+ | Long Term Serious RP | Realistic Economy |

| Legal & Illegal Jobs | Allowlist | Player Driven | 18+ | Long Term Serious RP | Realistic Economy |

Welcome to Dynamite Roleplay 2.0!

Our new and revamped server is scheduled to launch on December 1st with a few goals in mind:

  1. Create a server that’s focused on RP. It’s that simple, a place for people to come and create unforgettable experiences while playing and making friends. Everything is player-driven, hoping to foster new RP scenarios built for the long term. A faithful community was established with strong communication between both staff and players!
  2. A promise to be an Active staff team! To be open and transparent in our communication, challenges, server direction, and short- and long-term goals. We always strive to be innovative and to improve your experience, whether it’s shooting out bugs, improving performance, purchasing new scripts, or developing our own. We aim to be a staff team that’s available, unbiased, and as helpful in any way possible to our community.
  3. To give back to our community! We want to recognize and support every community member, especially those who show us support! Content Creators, for example, work hard and bring a new aspect to the server and some of the best roleplay! When a creator chooses to showcase the server, we look to give back with as much support as possible, whether that means shouting them out in our discord through a unique role or providing graphic packages as a show of recognition.

We’ve shaped our server so that every perspective was kept in mind (Law, Doctors, Outlaws, Business Owners, Citizens). Every player is encouraged to approach their story however they desire, regardless of whether they’re trying to become the top dog of their field, or just make friends and have a good, relaxed time. We hope you can enjoy our server and share the many stories you will create once your journey begins. Don’t be a stranger!

To get started, join the discord, read the rules, react to the message, and jump into the server!
Dynamite Roleplay

| Hiring | Lawman | Doctors | Lawyers | Business Owners | and so much more!

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is this a US based server?
and i am a community owner wondering if you want to discuss merging under your banner??

Yes, we are a US-based server, and we will wish you well on your search since it looks like you have other options you are looking at for a home.