Dust & Dreams RP | Grand Opening & New | +18 Community | Active Staff & Devs | Hiring Law Enforcement & Doctors/Shamans


Experience the pinnacle of virtual realism and serious roleplay in the vibrant world of Dust & Dreams RP (also known as DDRP). As a newer RedM roleplaying community, we are committed to crafting an unparalleled environment that combines immersive storytelling with exhilarating gameplay. Prepare to be captivated as we push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of online roleplay.

We are a 18+ community. Come see us, and remember, we might be small and new - we have a lot to offer you!

Unleash your creativity:
Dust & Dreams is a dynamic server that thrives on community feedback and engagement. We are constantly evolving, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and gameplay for every member of our community. Though still under active development, we invite you to join us and actively contribute to shaping this remarkable world.

A community united!
Embrace the camaraderie of like-minded individuals within our passionate player base. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always at your service, ensuring a fun and fair experience for all. Together, we forge unforgettable stories, drive compelling roleplay, and nurture character development that transcends the boundaries of imaginations.

Endless possibilities await!
Step into a county that pulsates with life, fueled by a player-driven economy that empowers you to chart your own destiny. Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit as a business owner or immerse yourself in a myriad of professions that promise excitement and fulfillment. With our commitment to ongoing development, you can expect a wealth of surprises and fresh experiences that will keep you hooked.

In Dust & Dreams, you are the author of your story, shaping the narrative with every choice you make. This is not just a server - it’s a place to call home, where dreams manifest into reality.

Join our thriving and growing community today and unlock a world of limitless potential. Embrace the Dust & Dreams experience and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey like no other!

Welcome to a home where dreams come alive

If you’re interested, join our discord.
Connect via RedM here.


  • Actively hiring law enforcement, DOJ and, doctors/shamans :


  • Actively accepting gangs and tribes!: We are seeking people who are wanting to either create a gang or join a gang; same for Native American tribes! All are welcome!

Features & Amenities

  • Player Owned Housing
  • Player Owned Ranches
  • Player Owned Businesses
  • Camps & Reservations
  • Hotel rooms for players
  • Player Owned Pets & Exotic Pets
  • Hunting & Legendary Hunting
  • In Depth Farming
  • Plenty of Crafting
  • Supply & Coach Deliveries (Random and Selectable Destinations)
  • Player Robbing
  • Trains
  • Customized Weapons
  • Collectibles
  • Gangs
  • Doctor / Shamans
  • Law Enforcement (Police & Marshals)
  • Public Hangings & Electrocutions
  • Stables / Livery
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Moonshining
  • Mining
  • Gold panning
  • Lumberjack & Woodwork
  • Fishing
  • Saloons
  • Blackjack & Texas Hold’em Poker, and more!
  • Madam Nazar & Black Markets.
  • Mail PO Boxes
  • Custom drugs, alcohol, food & drinks. (Some drugs also give you bad trips!)
  • Makeup Anywhere
  • Custom items, MLOs and maps, and UI.
  • Growing community that is friendly and helpful.
  • Mexico
  • Guarma

Come join us, while we may be new and starting out, we’re here and want to play with you!


This server is awesome. Im sure your gonna read 100 reviews that say that. But honestly, Ive never met a better owner. The devs are good people and are always down to help. I wasnt sure about redm, trying a few countys and nothing ever stuck. But this place feels more at home.

Give it a shot, What ya gonna lose?

The fact that this server isn’t super populated yet astonishes me, because they have a lot to offer. While I know they are SUPER squeaky shiny new, they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to leading a server. I thought it was just a run of the mill kind of thing. The server that I came from was a super high pop, but their staff team sucked and was just genuinely stuck up. This place? Far from it. Even the server owner listens to feedback and suggestions to make the game better for everyone. While it’s not super glitzy and stuff, it still has a LOT to do and offer. You just need to give it a chance and bring friends too. I for one am impressed with just a welcoming place, and I’m here for the ride as it grows. Keep up the good work and try this out!


  • Brand new server
  • Friendly / active staff
  • Growing, friendly community
  • Lots of things to do


  • None, this is a growing place!

I do know because it is super new and small, not a lot of people are in the server at any given time, but I am anticipating that changes when it blows up in popularity, which I’m sure it will :slight_smile:

Dust and dreams has become my home. I spend the majority of my free time here, and enjoy every moment of it. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful. The townsfolk are pleasant and fun to be around. There’s a variety of things to do, so there’s never a dull moment. I highly recommend checking this server out.


Updates from 6/18/23-7/9/23

  • Added a soft white-list that relies on a discord role (townfolk) in order to enter into the county.
  • Added anti-cheat and pure-mode to protect our community!
  • Blackwater has been overhauled: Town square, the bank, gunsmith, doctor’s office, and tobacco shop are now present. More will always be coming!
  • Valentine, St. Denis, Strawberry and a few other towns have received modifications for the better.
  • A new gold panning system has been implemented: The use of gold pans and panning buckets will help you as you search for gold nuggets. Gold nuggets now have weights and purities to them, offering different prices at the gold exchange.
  • Added 3 new delivery points for coach deliveries (aka, “The Circuit.”) This includes Mexico, Armadillo, and more. For random deliveries, the payout has been increased (almost double the previous amount) but the stakes are a lot higher with up to 4 bandits per spawn, with some of them having incredible accuracy and better guns like shotguns!
  • Farming: Additional plants and seeds have been added to the system, there now is: roses, blueberries, wheat, wild rhubarb, weed, fancy weed, cinnamon, coffee, tea, wisteria, and cocoa.
  • Drugs: There has been a breakthrough with drugs. The first is Peyote, which has a 25% chance of killing you /or/ a 75% chance of helping you to connect to your spirit animal for a short time. There are many other undiscovered drugs, even some drinks that can cause good or bad trips like Absinthe. There are also smokables, such as peacepipes and different spliffs.
  • Rose’s Cosmetic Shop: Tired of not having that perfect shade of lipstick? Look no further, Rose’s cosmetic shop offers a wide variety of lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows and even blush to ensure you are at your best! Best of all, you can use these anywhere. And for the men, there is pomades and more! Rose’s even stocks a few usable trinkets for your enjoyment.
  • Minnie’s Apiary: Want some honey, honey? Well, travel to Minnie’s Apiary to purchase some beehouses and raise your colony, getting fresh honey whenever you need!
  • Madam Nazaar: The mysterious gypsy is a hard one to always pin-point, as nomadic as ever, she travels around the county bartering wares for a price.
  • Introducing the housing and camp systems, which offers the ability to own real-estate and enjoy the luxuries of a home. Don’t wanna make a purchase that big? That’s cool, there’s plenty of well-kept hotel rooms too!
  • Bank Robberies: There are more robberies now to the addition of Valentine. Joining this line up is St. Denis and Blackwater’s banks!
  • Custom Horse Stables: Come enjoy our horse stables, ready for you to purchase your next equestrian friend for your journeys! This does bring the addition of a horse trainer job.
  • Horse Taming & Racing: You can now tame any wild horse you come across and sell them. If you are a horse trainer, you may also stable the horse. You can now race against your friends with a completely synced horse race; with options to set up entry fees, the winner will always be paid automatically.
  • Societies & Player Shops: Societies have been introduced for certain jobs, such as law enforcement and doctors, enabling a slew of functions and features. Player shops are now available, once a player has purchased a shop - they can then buy and sell items, work their job, and reap the rewards!
  • New UI and item images have been introduced across the board; offering a beautiful interaction for all players to enjoy.
  • Created Law Enforcement & DOJ Charters and other documentation for the jobs; ensuring proper training and guidelines for success for all new officers.

Come see us in county: Remember, we’re a small community right now and we’re still growing. Bring your friends, come check it out - especially if you’re tired of the big counties where you’re just another number, we’re more personable and happy to see you!

Best Rp hands down!!!

Active community staff!!

Hiring Law Enorcement, Doctors , and DOJ!!!

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By far the best county ive experienced so far. Staff are very attentive, constant updates of new and innovating activities, and the overall vibe is for lack of better words, refreshing… With that said, any new place has its hiccups, but im definitely home, and would suggest anyone who is looking for a mix of serious RP and community driven individuals to give this county a try and see for yourself!

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This server has a good community filled with people who enjoy their rp. The admin work around the clock on the community and all the fine details that go into making the place run. 10/10 so far and hopefully will continue to impress.

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It is very fun to be part of this familiar and welcoming community, owners or staff members are very fast, pleasant and social.
Really hope everyone will stop by and say hi and try living in this county. I give it a thumbs up and recommend it. 10/10 <3

Love the staff and community here. I know there are tons of improvements daily; the staff and community is doing a great job with testing all the changes!

The best part is how included I have felt during the time of the updates and changes! They are receptive to feedback and actively ask how to make things better, its such a fresh breath of air!

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I never thought i’d be one to play on a lower population server but here I am and watching it grow has to be the most amazing and fulfilling thing. The admins listen to feedback and bring suggestions to life. They are 100% here for what the community wants to see and they make sure if anything isn’t working as intended, that it’s fixed right away. Even though the community is small, it is THRIVING and it really feels like home here. 100% my favorite place to be.

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A very calm server with a number of good people to be around. The server isn’t massively populated like the popular ones so it doesn’t feel overwhelming and the moderation’s always around. Even if they aren’t, the community will step in to offer a helping hand to any questions, concerns or comments. Just be nice, be respectful, and be willing to improvise in character and people will be more than willing to work with you and give you something to have fun with in county.

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I’ll probably be the only one to call it out but these folks are in a backyard playground of their own. Don’t expect to see anything realistic.

This server has seriously been a savior to me. I was hesitant to join a rp server, as I have never done it before, but my friends wouldn’t stop pestering me to join. I’m so glad they did, beware it’ll suck you in and it’s hard to stop playing. Everyone I’ve met is really friendly, and super helpful. Problems in county are acknowlegded and promptly dealt with. I’m glad this is my first county, and will likely be my only county!

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this county is amazing! the staff are super nice and will help out anyone that needs help. they are fair when conflicts happens and swift when poohead people come into county and just mess with everyone. the community is also amazing, we help out anyone who needs help! come and join the county everyone is welcomed!

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Pictures from around County!

<3 Love to all of our community members who do a great job having fun and posting these awesome pictures of their adventures!

It is difficult to find a good server that has a welcoming community as well as active staff. What I never find is owners who RP with the rest of us. This server has become my RP home because the staff are quick to deal with trolls, the owners join in RP (Even when things don’t go their way), the community is welcoming and mostly kind, and there are so many interesting things offered that I have seen no where else.

Now don’t get me wrong like every server there are ups and downs good and bad. But I would love to see you all come help make this place the best server it can be.

I wish to give a special thank you to the owners though, for always being on top of the trouble people want to cause, the trolls who pop in, and for giving us all a safe place to RP

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Dust & Dreams RP is truly a great place to escape and do some high quality roleplaying. I love the owners and staff, they are active and are extremely helpful to all players. They really listen to the community and try to implement our suggestions and make changes for the better. There is so much to do to keep you busy and there are a plethora of business opportunities to dive into. I have met so many interesting characters and I have never had this much fun in a county before.

I would truly recommend this server if you want a good place to create stories, memories, and great friendships!