Dunko vs ESX for Roleplay server (First Time FiveM Server)

I am in the process of setting up my first FiveM Roleplay server, and had a couple of questions to make sure I don’t make a rookie mistake.

  1. We are wanting to have roleplay, with police, ems, etc. I have seen two main mods mentioned for this, being ESX and Dunko. Which is better overall, or do servers tend to use them together? I want my members that are cops for example able to set their uniforms based on where they are, same with vehicles and the like. FAQ’s for both were pretty… vague… for details that I could find.

  2. For the mods listed above, do they need to be installed on both server and clients, or just server-side?

  3. Finally, any recommendations for a first-time FiveM Server owner to make life easier going forward?

Thanks in advance for any advice, tips, and tricks!