DumbFricks FivePD | Join now!

Looking for an actively growing server, always making changes?
Do you want a community that you can feel welcome and a part of?

Welcome to DumbFricks, The name comes from my friend group. The DumbFricks

Our server is a FivePD Based server which means it has a fully working cad, and when there isn’t many players online you can rank up your police rank with the specially coded AI and have those fun pursuits and bank robberies, But when other players are on you can do everything you can with a normal server!

Currently we are only accepting very small amounts of people for testing and we may plan to open up fully but for right now we’re keeping it small.

If you wish to join please leave your discord name and ID, I will personally contact you and set you up with everything you need.

Stay Safe!



I’d love to get in touch!

My discord is NoahArzi#9160