Drugs Coordinates

Hello everyone ,
I am currently developing my server is I play my rp also on my server, I install the script for drugs “esx_drugs” and I am looking for a person who could share me these points of drugs because I would prefer not to know these sites for duty to find them ingame.
If a person could share me these points it would be really nice;)
Thank you


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you can find the drugs locations in the config.file at esx_drugs.

most of servers have custom locations.

CokeFarm = 		 {x=2435.1843261719,  y=4966.7084960938, z=42.347599029541},
CokeTreatment =  {x=-586.74078369141, y=-1601.0070800781, z=27.010808944702},
CokeResell = 	 {x=-2644.4008789063, y=1870.5863037109,  z=160.13444519043},
MethFarm = 		 {x=-1000.8588256836, 	 y=4851.6645507813,  z=274.60586547852},
MethTreatment =  {x=707.33666992188, y=-965.333984375,  z=30.412847518921},
MethResell = 	 {x=1274.005859375, y=-1711.7739257813, z=54.771450042725},
WeedFarm = 		 {x=1797.9819335938, 		 y=5020.3852539063,  z=56.707218170166},
WeedTreatment =  {x=-10.900096893311,  y=-1433.4908447266,  z=31.116836547852},
WeedResell = 	 {x=119.15805053711, y=-1909.6842041016, z=20.934900283813},
OpiumFarm = 	 {x=-2168.7709960938,	 y=5195.1843261719,  z=17.1823745250702},
OpiumTreatment = {x=440.82540893555,y=6458.6577148438, z=35.86491394043},
OpiumResell = 	 {x=133.82540893555,y=-3215.82540893555,z=5.82540893555}

Thank you Quattan ! is perfect :wink:

can I have some screens of the map where the locations are?


can u explain a little more about what you mean I’m still new