DreamLife | Serious RP | Economy | New & Friendly Community| Streamer Friendly

Have you just discovered RP from watching a streamer or a youtube video? Are you itching to try it but worried that you’ll mess up? Are you tired of people trolling and just randomly shooting each other with no purpose? Then DreamLife might be the server for you!

We are a completely fresh server dedicated to learning and improving our RP abilities and experiences. The server is tailored in a way to make it as realistic as we possibly can, from salaries to prices to fines. We’ve spent time researching to accomplish the best economy that we can, as well as made it as player based as possible.

We also have a focus of gathering and supporting small content creators that also support our project. We already have a handful of streamers on the server and we are happy to welcome more.

At the moment we do not have a lot of players but we have a handful of people from different time zones. If you join us now you will be a founding pillar and get some extra perks.

So what does our server offer? Here is a list of a few things that you can find on our server :

  • Whitelisted jobs that you need to write an application for such as EMS, Police, Stripclub worker, nightclub worker, banker, taxi, mechanic, vineyard and security. All of these jobs are run by players.
  • Not whitelisted jobs such as lumberjack, tailor, slaughterer, fueler, moonshiner, airlines, garbage driver, bank truck delivery, miner. These jobs are performance based so you will not get an hourly pay.
  • There are also illegal “jobs” that you can do to earn money. Drugs, car chopping, selling stolen cars, protecting escorts, heists, robberies and even muggings.
  • Lastly, you can create your own job by offering whatever services you want and promoting it on discord or with the ad placement in the server itself. As well as the option to buy shops that you can make into whatever you want to with.
  • We have a variety of activities you can do alone or with others such as arcade, skydiving, cinema, escorts, clubs and a racetrack you can use whenever.
  • Custom cars, clothing and hair.
  • We have a wide variety of food and drinks (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that you can buy and sell.
  • Are you looking for love and romance? We have just the thing! Buy your date a rose! Or maybe you’ve already been dating and you’re ready to pop the question? We got a variety of rings that you can buy and gift to your loved one :wink: and once things get a bit hot… there’s condoms too.
  • Rewards for the best roleplayers every week!
  • We have an advanced needs system that affects your hunger, thirst and stress levels. Running, speeding, jumping, swimming, fighting and pretty much everything you do will affect the rates that these go up and down.

Everything is possible on our server as long as you have imagination and follow the server rules. We will be opening more locations with MLOs, we can always create more jobs if desired. Your feedback is important to us as well so that we can improve the server as well, and we will listen to you! We have tested different servers ourselves and we’ve tried to do something different with ours so that the experience is unique. We plan on building up a good solid server and we feel that we have a really good base to start with.

We also are open to helping content creators with scripted events to create content for streams or videos.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, otherwise join our discord if you are interested : Dream Life

We also have a website and wiki fandom page that we are working which you can also check out here :


Hope to see you soon!