Drawn Inventory Icons [QBcore] [OXcore]


Artwork Inventory is an icon pack for GTARP inventory in the style of gta artwork
(The pack is 100% lore friendly, no real branding. Please Rockstar don’t kill me)

Artwork Inventory is the most ambitious and complete icon pack for roleplay inventories.

This pack is the free trial version of Artwork Inventory,

Created in collaboration with the QBcore and OXcore team.
(already available on their GitHub for a few weeks)

Trial version - Artwork inventory [Download Link] (7.0 MB)

It includes more than 300 low quality icons (100x100 instead of 320x320 of the original pack)

  • Weapon
  • Drugs
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • A lot of RP objects

:arrow_down: The Artwork Inventory packs already available :arrow_down:

3.cloth all4.objects all

Features & Preview OBJECT


- Every weapon from GTA 320*320 from free pack (solo and online, 106 icones)
- Every weapon in big format 320*640 (For multi-slot inventory or weapon wheel)
- 40 items for ammo or weapon part
- 30 basic mechanic items for every vehicle performance improvement
- 40 drugs items , such as meth, cocaine, mushrooms and others
- 20 Different types of fish and fishing item
- 25 medical items, including medicines from gta lore
- 15 mining items, such as picks, drill and different stones
- +60 drink and food from gta lore and more
- 40 items for animations with objects most frequently used in rp
- 47 clothing items for each category, all taken from clothing available on GTA
- Game console system (exsorbeo) from gta lore (Just the icons, no dev :( )
- 250 bulk varied items useful for the RP
- 9 items with transparent texture to add any image inside
(book, music disk, vhs, picture...)

- 140 chemistry items, each periodic element and state (liquid, solid and gas)
= 1500 chemical combination

- 200 combinable keys and key items rings and customizable color
= +6700 key combination

- 77 combinable food on 6 plates with 3*26 cumulative food
= +39 000 food combination

Preview :

Items :


Demonstration of customization possibilities, no script included to do it automatically

Features & Preview CLOTH


- All Bag
- All Mask

Separate for men and women before 1.67 of GTA ONLINE:

-All neck accessory
-All glasses
- All head accessories (hat)
- All leg clothing
- All the tops (Not the under tops)
- All body accessories (bullet vest)
- All shoes

Items missing from the pack:
- Gloves and arms (Skin)
- Underwear (cut clothing that does not fit under tops)
- Bracelet
- Watch
- Ears
- Decals

These categories will be added in the future via updates available via discord


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Code is accessible Yes (JPG)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +300 items
Requirements x
Support No

(For releases without code the not applicable fields can be written as N/A)


Great job!

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tnks u

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You copied and pasted the required release table, but didn’t fill it out lol.

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Oops ahah

What inventory script do you use bro?

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its just a “photoshop” projets, I could never find anyone to help me make it

Great job bud! Just one question: do you have, or is it possible to make outline of icons white instead of black?

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nice work bro

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There are absolutely STUNNING!!

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Is there any way to update your free icons package with new icons?