DrawMission Text positioning

Guys can someone tell me how do i change possition of this drawtext??? it seems to be showing on center-bottom but idk where is it defined :S
its from esx_dmgschool script

I’m pretty sure you can’t but I don’t remember what DrawMissionText() function looks like. If you can show it to us, that would be helpful.


Thanks for your answer:)
DrawMissionText function looks like this:

I tried to change notifation code to a pnotify like:

But works erratic showing 5 notification when i enter the car and not stoping notifying when i leave the car :sweat_smile: (this is a no drive license alert)

You will not be able to change the coordinates of where the text is printed but you could use DrawText(x,y) instead of EndTextCommandPrint().

You are getting multiples notifications from pNotify because you are constantly calling it and each time you call it it creates a new notification.

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