Drag Track Island [PAID]

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This is Drag Track Island made by Cougar Fanatic, and is off the Coast of Paleto Bay. Included in this Ymap are multiple files to adjust to your own server needs and specs, like removing the trees to help with FPS.

Video Preview

We found that there are minimal drag tracks to download, most being located at an airport which is in our opinion unrealistic. This sets a drag track off on its own to enhance a more realistic RP.

For Realism - we recommend using vehicle ferries (which can be found on various free forums) and even cargo helicopters/planes to bring cars and equipment to island for race days. Otherwise, using one of the many readily available teleport scripts would work.

We also strongly recommend if leaving the proximity of a vehicle, to freeze the car via a Vmenu trainer or similar - to prevent the risk of vehicles falling through the map… this is a ymap after all…

Ymaps included are:

  • Core Drag Track (savrpdragtrack2_core.ymap)
  • Extra Trees (savrpdragtrack_trees.ymap)
  • Night Time Lights (savrpdragtrack2_tracklights.ymap)
  • Parking Lot Extras (savrpdragtrack2_parkinglotextra.ymap)
  • 2 Mechanic Garages (savrpdragtrack2_mechgarages.ymap)
  • Fire Department (savrpdragtrack2_firedept.ymap)
  • LEO Department (savrpdragtrack_leostation.ymap)
  • Go-Kart Track (savrpdragtrack_go-kart.ymap)
    – _manifest.ymf

These are purposely separated to allow a server owner to remove and lighten prop load if needed. SAVRP runs the map with everything loaded with little FPS drop notice. ALL LODs only render once your outside of the main LS Island.


  • The Grand Stands and the Rocky Mountains do not have collisions.
  • YOU MUST HAVE MB_ADDONs, which is a free prop resource for fiveM


  1. (make sure you have MB_ADDONs… this map WILL NOT render fully without those extra props. This is a free resource found on 5mods.
  2. Drag this entire folder into your server resources (DO NOT FORGET or REMOVE THE MANIFEST.LUA)
  3. Add “Start SAVRPDragIsland” to your server config
  4. Enjoy!

If you are having frame drops, I suggest removing a couple of the addon ymaps - like the night time lights or the extra trees as these are more for looks then function and will help lower your prop count.

Trouble Shooting:
“My Props arnt rendering”
---- You have not downloaded MB_Addons or you did so incorecctly. I cant not stress this enough on how many times people had this issue with my free releases on CFX… make sure you have MB_Addons!!!

“My roads are jank and not as shown in video/pictures”
---- You tried to edit the ymap… dont do that. The road (and most of the other props) NEED a certian flag enabled which I have already done for you, if you edit the map it might reset that flag and cause the props to not rotate correctly.

Looks like the 5mods link is dead for the mbaddons. Please see below google links. You will need I think both files downloaded and started.


Tebex Link


Not trying to hate your work , but I think people will have low fps on this map , because it’s a big ymap , and it’s using mb addons

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Hey! No worries - Feedback is always welcome.

I understand the concern which is why I broke the ymap out into sections to allow a server owner to remove things as they needed if they had any FPS issues (we run it with all things included and average between 40-50 fps during the day and 30-40 at night.

That being said, if you only use the “core” file - everyone on my server (some members basically have toasters for cpus) are hitting 60 FPS constantly.

This is something I thought about while making the map and wanted to ensure a way that anyone could use the map.

This is also why the map is only 15$ instead of the higher $60+ rates that ive seen ymaps go for :slight_smile:

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I bought your map, and my server loved it. We have hosted a few events since I purchased it, and it is amazing. I get no fps loss for the big Ymap. It is very detailed and works amazingly. Thank you for making this. And for the price, it cant get any better. Hope you make more.

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I appreciate the Feedback and I’m glad you enjoy the map!

Feel free to post any pictures of your event or let me know if there’s more you’d like to see added!

hello, i just purchased the drag strip but i can’t find the MB_ADDONS in gta5mods.com is there anyway you can send them to me?

Hey I apologize for a 19 hour delay in response! Normally I get back quicker to people - but i was out all day.

It does look like the MB_Addons are no longer on 5mods as he moved to a pateron account. That being said all the props i used are within the original creators free download.

Please see below links:


I am unsure if you need both or which one has the props needed… but our server runs both of those and everything appears fine.

Hope this helps!

I went ahead and also added the links to the main post.

How to stop water from coming through the map. And is it possible to move the island to another spot closer to the city?

Cant stop the water coming through the map - although i don’t have that issue? The most i get is the mist coming through the ground on rough water days.

A fix to that, could be raising the entire ymap a little bit.

Yes, you can move the ymap where ever youd like. There is a tool in the forums that you can search and find, which allows you to move ymap to specific new cords.